For K-3 Learners

FREE during the COVID-19 national emergency

Home Literacy Coach is a web-based application that provides an individualized guide and learning resources for parents and caregivers to continue children's growth in reading.

Home Literacy Coach is for ALL children who are learning to read (appropriate for grades K-3).

Requiring no more than 15 minutes and no specialized training, Home Literacy Coach helps families best use the learning time they have.

Learning Ovations is introducing Home Literacy Coach FREE during the COVID-19 national emergency in response to a specific request from the U.S. Department of Education and Institute of Education Sciences.

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How It Works

Children take two brief online quizzes that identify their reading needs.

Home Literacy Coach recommends how much time to spend on four different types of activities.


Parents get individualized, research-based activities that are perfect for their children!

Quizzes and materials in Home Literacy Coach are available in English only.

What It Does

Our research shows that every child needs different amounts of different types of literacy instruction when learning to read. Home Literacy Coach balances the amount and type of instruction to ensure a customized plan for each child. Literacy activities are broken down into four areas.

Sample Recommendation Pie Chart

Basic Definition

These activities help children decode letters and sounds into speech in order to "crack the code" of reading.


Identifying sounds and letters, sounding out words, and spelling.


Matching letters and sounds, playing word games, or practicing spelling.

Basic Definition

These activities help children understand the content of what is being read to build their language, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension skills.


Reading to children, discussing the meaning of new words, and summarizing books they read.


Reading books aloud or on their own, illustrating stories they've read, writing, or summarizing stories.

Teacher Connection

Let your child’s teacher know what you’re working on!

Whether you’re in a current Learning Ovations partner school or not, let us know if you want us to send a message to your child’s teacher about what they’re working on.

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